Board of Directors

Wally's House is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteer board members and a wonderfully energetic executive director currently employed by Curry County and Wally's House.

The center is being operated with public funding, principally from a CAMI grant with some additional funds provided by the office of the Curry County District Attorney.

Wally's House is a 501(c)3 organization which will operate completely apart from Curry County in 2019 and will be funded with public funds and donations.

Marjie BrennanWally's House Board Member
"I wanted to be a part of Wally's House to see if, in even a small way, I could be a part of helping the children of our community."

Meet Our Board Members


Executive Committee

President: Rebecca Moore
Secretary: Lorraine Espinoza-Lowe
Treasurer: Kim Nye
Ex-Oficio:  Jeri Honeycutt


Board Members

Patricia Lynn Bartlett-Iverson
Geraldine Kendall
Denise Sanchez
Dianne Renee Shilling
Tiffany Somers
Anna Weidemiller
Shellie Willcut
Albert Wilson
Lilik Zakarian