Wally's House has diverse, flexible, and meaningful opportunities for those interested in volunteering their time and unique talents toward meeting the needs of children traumatized by abuse.

Wally’s House will verify the information in the application and failure to provide true and accurate information is grounds for disqualification from participating in the volunteer program.  Your completed application will authorize Wally's House to perform the required criminal background check.

Volunteers are a welcomed and appreciated part of the Wally's House team.  Skills and interests of volunteers will be considered in all assignments. This list may be updated as necessary and is not all inclusive.

  • General Center Maintenance: Includes, but not limited to, emptying out trashcans within center, restocking snacks and drinks for children, making sure waiting area is clean with all toys put in their proper place, etc.
  • Assisting Staff: You may be asked to assist office staff with their duties including, but not limited to, make phone calls, send faxes, make copies, restocking brochures, putting together information folders, etc.
  • Data Entry: Includes, but not limited to, updating mailing lists, media lists, donor lists, etc.
  • Clerical Support: Includes file, answer phones, greet clients, prepare/distribute flyers, and announcements, etc.
  • Take a Training: Contact Wally's House to find out more about training opportunities available to you.
  • Make a Donation: Donations can be mailed to Wally's House PO Box 1845 Gold Beach OR 97444
  • Attend an Event:  Stay tuned here or visit Facebook for upcoming event details.
  • Spread the Word:  Tell others about the importance of Wally's House and what we do in the community.
  • Landscape Maintenance: Mowing, planting, weeding.
  • Aquarium Maintenance: 50 gallon tank

If you are interested in volunteering for us, please complete the volunteer application (to the right) or call (541) 425-5502 .

We look forward to hearing from you...!


It is the standard procedure of Wally’s House to reserve the right to confirm your responses to the questions below.  Any checks made into your background will be confidential.  Please feel free to discuss this with the Volunteer Coordinator prior to completing the application.  It is our goal to give you a rewarding volunteer experience, while providing our clients with quality service.