Your capital campaign contribution to Wally’s House means there will always be a place where children can go to heal from the trauma of abuse.

For abused children, Wally’s House is the pathway to hope. There is someone who can listen and provide assurance they will be okay. Abusers are held accountable, while children are provided with the care they need to heal and eventually thrive.


  • Purchase adjacent property to expand programmable space 3,500 square feet.
  • Integrate mental health, prevention and outreach programs with child abuse assessment support in an efficient purpose-designed facility plan.
  • Expand capacity for 50% increase in children served from 60 to 90 children.
  • Provide on-site resources for collaboration with key partners, including law enforcement and children’s services.

With $200,000 in new local community contributions, the Pathway to Hope is on track to fulfill the vision of a Children’s Wellness Center serving Curry County families.


Support the Wally's House Pathway to Hope Campaign

Annual commitment

Pledges can be made up to 5 years


The Ford Family Foundation
The Roundhouse Foundation
Advanced Health
Judith Ann Mogan Foundation
Humboldt Area Foundation
Oregon Community Foundation
City of Gold Beach
Janet Smith
Curry County community drive donor


Mona Chandler, Past Board President
Jacob Eide, Former Board Member
Jennifer Gustafson, Campaign Volunteer
Melissah Hendrickson, Campaign Volunteer
Geri Kendall, Campaign Volunteer
Alice Loshbaugh, Campaign Volunteer
Rebecca Moore, Past Board President
Jo Ann Okane, Board Treasurer
Julia Phillips, Campaign Volunteer
Laura McKeane, Campaign Volunteer
Bill McNair, Facility Team Leader
Starla Paris, Campaign Volunteer
Erin Porter, Campaign Volunteer
Patricia A Savage, Board Secretary
Phoebe Skinner, Campaign Volunteer
Jennifer Stapleton, President

Jackalene Antunes,
Wally’s House Executive Director

Mark Sherman,
Capital Campaign Consultant